When managing or leading enterprises systems, it is essential to understand the big picture and the details. But how can you get a complete picture of such a complex interconnected system?

When it comes to leading digital processes Aino.io brings certainty and offers up-to-date information for decision making.


Understanding on the systems entities will deepen and sharpen, when the interdepencies and systems as a whole can be understood.


Understanding on the systems and their transactions remain up-to-date, since Aino.io analyzes transactions in real time.


It is now possible to follow up the changes in enterprise systems,because Aino.io retains snapshots of development history changes.


Finding out the most important development areas becomes easier, when it is possible to find the biggest problem areas, the most critical systems and their interdependencies.

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Visual overall view on systems and their interdependencies

You will get the most up-to-date view on all systems and their interdependencies whether the systems or business processes have changed or not.

Statistical information on events and practises between systems

You can, for example, view the most problematic systems or fluctuations in the number of transactions related to specific systems.

Trend and historical statistics on transaction

You can follow the long term development of the amounts of events and errors. It is possible to view them either on the level of the entire enterprise system, or to limit the view to specific systems.

Smooth business operations in the digital age

Even a minor glitch in a digital process may damage customer or user experience significantly. Find and resolve IT problems easily and efficiently with Aino.io.

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Agile & Lean development

Understand the big picture and get detailed information when developing interconnected systems.

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