Today's business requires a stable digital foundation and high flexibility at the same time. This makes IT development more demanding than ever. helps to understand the system entirety when developing even smaller technical details.


The quality of technical solutions will improve, because when planning changes and new features it is possible to understand both entities and details on previously implemented solutions.


The conversations between different parties and stakeholders becomes easier, when everyone in an organization has on common understanding on the enterprise system.


Documenting and maintaining the documents takes less time, since it is possible to get a lot of up-to-date information on the structure of the system entitiy automatically.


Development of system integrations becomes more agile, because it is possible to take advantage of the features of in every development stage.

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Visual documentations that update automatically

You can view structures and internal dependencies of entities consisting of several systems. The documentations by remain up-to-date, because provides real time outlooks based on the information that is being collected from the systems.

Shared perspective on the entire enterprise system

The conversations between various user groups become more effortless, when all user groups have a common perspective on systems and digital processes. Such various user groups can, for example, architects, developers, testers, experts and key users.

Following the operations as the development progresses

With you can collect information on different environments; development, quality control and production. This way you can see already early on how the new integrations that are being developed or other changes affect the functioning of the entity.

Knowledge-driven Leading of digital processes

Get valuable information and insight for leading and managing digital processes so that you don't have to make blind decisions.

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Smooth business operations in the digital age

Even a minor glitch in a digital process may damage customer or user experience significantly. Find and resolve IT problems easily and efficiently with

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