Iron out problems in digital processes efficiently for smoother business operations

Today's business relies heavily on digital processes. Without proper monitoring, faults in the process may go unnoticed very easily and cause unexpected problems for your customers or end users.

React faster to emerging problems and minimize the potential damage

Spot problems daily business

Do you know what happens in your enterprise system every day? Are your customers or end users the first ones to tell you when something has gone wrong? Do faulty integrations or problematic digital processes deteriorate your customer satisfaction?

Integration faults or digital process problems can be spotted and solved faster with — even before the customers notice anything.


Get alerted as soon as something unexpected happens. Locate the problems immediately.


Access precise information on integration faults and digital process problems quickly and easily.


Find specific digital transactions by any identifier you choose.

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Reduce time & money spent on fixing digital process problems

error details daily business

Do your top IT-experts spend a lot of time fixing integration or data issues? Do you repeatedly run into the same kinds of problems, but never have time to fix the root-causes? Are your technical experts forced to manually dig through server and application logs to figure out what went wrong? can help your organization to be more efficient and faster in finding and fixing emerging problems. Spend your resources and the time of your technical experts for developing new instead of sustaining faulty processes.


Automate problem discovery and alert the right people in your organization automatically.


Get detailed information of the errors and events between specific systems without digging through technical logs.


Utilize the user friendly interface to help IT and business operations experts cooperate.

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Knowledge-driven Leading of digital processes

Get valuable information and insight for leading and managing digital processes so that you don't have to make blind decisions.

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Agile & Lean development

Understand the big picture and get detailed information when developing interconnected systems.

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