When a digital process fails, it is shockingly common that it is the customer or user who is first to notice. When enterprise systems are developed, people often have to rely on documents that are rarely up-to-date or even complete—if they exist in the first place.

We all know the complexity of enterprise systems lead to numerous challenges. Ever wish there was a tool to help you tackle these problems? We did too.

Shouldn’t we have visibility into our digital processes so we know instantly if something goes wrong?

Shouldn’t we have time to fix emerging problems before the customer notices anything?

When big decisions are made, shouldn’t the actual interconnected system be the source of the information rather than dusty PowerPoint slides and outdated diagrams?

Shouldn’t knowledge and insight into the digital processes be presented on the business-level rather than as CPU graphs and network throughput analysis?

These were some of the questions that sparked the development of Aino.io.
Now we are about to present our tool to the world, so Hello, World!

Stay tuned! 

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